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Do you need a digital
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The most important decision to make is whether
you want to stick with printed accounts on paper
or move across to a digital solution.
Switching over to edocuments will offer you
some amazing advantages and is often
the most cost effective choice you
can make for your business

Step One

Use Litho printing to produce all of your stationery requirements

Keep your costs low with Litho!

With your continued input, we will design all of your pre-printed stationery requirements.

Not only will we make sure we print these in the most cost-effective way, but our design team will ensure that they look fresh, modern and professional!

Reap the Rip 'n Read rewards!

Have you ever seen an account where the statement and the envelope are the same piece of paper? That's a Rip 'n Read mailer, and by cutting out the envelope altogether, you save a bundle!

Step Two

Clean your address database and save

Clean your address Database

Our in-house team of data analysts and developers will process your database of addresses to verify address integrity and update any inconsistencies or incorrect Street, Suburb, Town, or Postal Code information. No matter what software you're working with, we'll create a tailor-made solution to integrate your data with our system.

Pass with +97% PAMSS Certification

When we're done cleaning your address database, we send it to the Post Office who will process the updated file on their Address Check system. As soon as you obtain a grading of 97-100% the Post Office will issue you with an 'A' Grade PAMSS Certificate to maximise your postage discounts.

Step Three

Laser print personalised information onto pre-printed stationery

Once your data has been formatted we laser print your accounts onto your pre-printed litho stationery. This improves turnaround time and reduces overall costs. We also offer a wide range of other laser prints, from postcards to payslips and price lists.

Step Four

Off-set your costs with 3rd party advertising

If you have extra space on whatever you are printing, we will help you sell that space to advertisers.
This money can then be used to reduce your overall print costs.

Step Five

Distribute your mail from a postal hub closest to your consumer

Our national footprint ensures that we'll be able to deliver your final printed statements to the nearest postal hub. This effectively reduces delivery time by several days and ensures that your account holders receive their statements timeously.


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